Thursday, December 29, 2011

Triumphant return!

Where did he go? He went parenting! My ultimate project/most beautiful creation/the best baby ever rocked up on the 19th November, so CFY has been on an extended break… Well as much of a break as a workaholic writer can go on, in between moving house (Twice), and changing day jobs (Twice!), serious illness in the family, selling/buying houses, renovating and spending every minute I can with my lovely fiancĂ© and awesome daughter , some painting is still getting done, here is a couple of artworks from past months, more to come!

Once again the crew at Tewnty10 enlisted the help of CFY to produce a rolling work of art as a Mardi Gras float. The them e was ‘Kids with Gratitude’ and within these parameters the team worked with GLBT young people to collect pictures of icons and people they look up to and want to acknowledge, turning these into the letters that spell out the name of the float. Jog saws, paste up, aerosol and a shed load of cable ties brought the whole thing to life, and once again the Twenty10 float looked tops!

As part of a mural produced on a large engineering workshop CFY artists got busy on some cult petrol head artwork reproductions, and finally got around to rocking a quiet Rat Fink piece, props to Ed ‘ Big Daddy’ Roth!

And some more quick artworks with the locals down at Maybanke youth centre for Youth Week and the basketball comp.

Another quick artwork on some panels commissioned as part of the new artwork installations on the Wollongong City Gallery- part Chulo letters, part gang signs, part pizza melt, 2 hours of power!

One interesting project that came out of the blue was completing some volunteer work with Canteen. Canteen does some fantastic work and as anyone knows who has their life touched by cancer, it can be incredibly tough times. With a close family member currently battling cancer the opportunity to rock a piece and have some fun painting with a group of young people at Canteen’s Berry Camp was especially significant, and the results of the quick workshop looked great. Massive props to Canteen and all the young people they support, CFY is happy to help anytime!

And finally a quick mural at Green Square School features images and cultural icons from the diverse group of students attending the school, again, a fun artwork for all involved, sure beats maths!

Hopefully some more regular updates coming soon.. famous last words!