Sunday, August 1, 2010

And some more stuff...

Once again it has been a busy month for the CFY machine, with a series of great projects underway or completed, and a stack more booked for coming months. Below are a couple of works, with many more underway and some which still pics, more on the way!

Drug Action Week 2010 saw CFY artists on hand to make a artwork at the Hurstville mall Drug Action Week event. The theme for this year is Look After Your Mind, and the 'brain' design below entertained numerous young people who had a fun and social afternoon decorating it.

CFY Illawarra teamed up with a group of school students to produce this set of back drops for the Dulwich High School of Visual Art and Design production of The Sound Of Music, painting to a series of rough concepts designed by students and staff at the school. In spite of horrendous weather, design changes and the sheer magnitude of the Alps back drop (The pic does not do it justice, it is about 5.5m high!) all the sets were completed on time and worked perfectly during the performance.

CFY Illawarra artists were also privileged to have the use of the Street University complex at Liverpool as a venue to run a beginners aerosol art workshop for the Salvation Army. Besides helping out with space to operate at the last minute (Cheers Naomi and Matt!) it was a top opportunity to check out the space and the young people I brought along thought it was awesome. It features legal graff walls, MC and DJ production and rehearsal space, basketball and soccer court, breaking area, youth cafĂ©, the list goes on and on. The Street Uni has hit on something special here, check out the space and support it if you can. I have a couple of quick phone pics below for anybody who still hasn’t seen the spot, it is really something else, and the most innovative multipurpose youth space I have seen to date, nice one!

Punchbowl Boys High has featured me as a guest mentor artists for a number of young people using aerosol and street art referenced designs for their HSC works, the guys had some great concepts which I assisted them in producing, progress shots of two interesting pieces are featured below. The series of canvases are a pop art/stencil interpratation of a series of iconic pop identities, and the table is a representation of nations at the negotiating table, and different nations all yelling over the top of one another, and they are coming up pretty good.

Verona School in Fairfield has also recently completed a new artwork in its grounds. CFY Illawarra artists facilitated students using their favourite aspects of school and elements of the logo to come up with the design, which was then painted by the group under artist supervision. Pretty cool and painted in about 3 hours flat!

CFY Illawarra is currently flat out on a series of projects across Sydney, some highlights include a number of NAIDOC week projects, more school murals, some street art outreach and more- stay tuned!