Sunday, December 16, 2012

Odds and end of 2012


Not much to report on the painting front, however some quick bits and pieces to stop the skills rusting up, including a 10 minute banger for ACG in Nowra with some young people


And some creepy Chemtrails people receiving their crop dusting of mind control as part of a wall completed in the Gong for 'Wonderwalls', good effort from the organisers and writers who turned up, a chance to catch up with some talented peeps and see some quality work in and around the Wollongong CBD.

This is a spec art mock up created in record time for Shoalhaven City Council as part of a project to tidy up some amenities blocks and walls in local parkland, with a complex brief also specifying no aerosol it was a long couple of days on the paint brush but overall a nice result. The brief requested that the artwork reflect the community comeing together and a theme of 'everybody belongs', the final design features and aerial view of the park and surrounding neighbourhood and uses the flora and pallette of the site, and was very well received by the locals and the council. Check the actual murals out below. Until next time....