Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Latest projects... CFY machine running white hot!

Since the last CFY blog post things have been on a roll, and a heap of awesome projects are underway. A work schedule restructure by the creative director has freed up a lot availability to complete projects and bookings are flying in. If you have requested a quote please be patient, we will get to you soon! In the mean time, check a couple of the recent jobs CFY has produced below:

One of the most entertaining and fun projects has been a series of aerosol artworks with the young people at Punchbowl Boys High, incorporating ideas and designs produced in art class with aerosol technique and school logo elements. MDF, Ironlak and two hours flat with the students was all that was required to produce the work below. The work was a success both as a fast, fun art activity as well as engaging a group of young people who were at risk of opting out of school altogether. CFY prides itself on being able to work with any and all client groups, and consistently uses art to achieve great outcomes with young people who have not been engaged with existing education programs.

Redfern Community Centre also received a new piece of art for the state of the art computer space on site. Young people worked with a CFY artist to produce a fast, fun design which demonstrated the progression from tags and basic forms of aerosol work to a considered, themed piece representing ownership of their space. The result was fast, fun and looks tops.

In a rare moment of down time a Bruce Timm inspired character was some good practice for a house in Enmore, nice Jordans!

And finally, a 5 minute rendition of a legal wall owner's best friend is featured below, CFY artists are always on the lookout for more space in which to hone their skills, and quick requests are welcome if it seals the deal for getting our paint speckled hands on the wall! Got a wall that needs some colour? We love to paint and paint walls for fun, if you turn us loose on your space we can paint it for little or no cost- Get in touch!