Saturday, November 6, 2010

Easy Writer...

As the race to the end of the year really starts to pick up pace CFY has continued to turn out more and more great projects.

As part of a launch of Harley Davidson’s new build competition ‘Dark Custom- Judgement Day’ launch, CFY artists created a series of artworks to decorate the depths of Kings Cross for a night of rocking out and rad custom bikes. The job presented some challenges, including aerosol production of computer generated corporate artwork, as well as some over the top way finding graphics for some of the activities on the night. As well as a kick arse large Harley Davidson logo for the entry there was a foray into chalk art to create a 5m long version of the ‘Dark Custom’ graphic on the ground- CFY will give anything a shot and make it look good! The set up looked great, and below you can see some of the artworks produced as well as the digital reference that was supplied, with all items produced in one day- speed and accuracy are the hall marks of the professional!

The week also saw another quick visit to Maybanke youth Centre in Pyrmont to complete the third banner for the Powerhouse Museum series. A fast and fun activity saw a group of local young people create a really cool artwork referencing the iconic red ladders of Pirrama park, as well as local nautical themes and the city skyline.

The Shack Youth Services also rocked a couple of pieces, below is one of the artworks knocked out with a crew of young Maroubra locals to celebrate the 21st birthday of this great little NGO youth service.

Speaking of good youth services working in the community, CFY artists stopped by the Glebe Youth Service Film Night on the weekend and pumped out two lightening fast boards to promote the event, they were a great little activity to generate interest in the lead in to the event and looked really cool.

On the topic of looking really cool, following on from the Surrealist styled mural of last year, the kids at Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design worked with a CFY community artist to produce this awesome Howard Arkley inspired artwork. For those who do not know Arkley’s work, see below:

The finished mural was approximately 6m long, 2.4m high and was completed from concept to photos in 4hours- a fast game is a good game! The mural is now on exhibition at Vanishing Point Gallery in Newtown, as you can see in the photo below (It was too big to fit the full mural into the shot) the work stole the show.