Monday, February 22, 2010

More on our unique vehicle wraps and the latest corporate aerosol adventures

Firstly a big thanks to all the people who have been checking out the site and sending through enquiries, 2010 is shaping up to be a massive year for CFY and innovative street art and graphics in Sydney. We are trying to return all emails and enquiries as fast as possible, and of course, we are still painting flat out!

CFY Illawarra vehicle Art Wraps- The unique art system running all-city

After many requests for more info, I have below a series of sequence shots of the unique vehicle wrap system which CFY Illawarra has been using to create great rolling works of art. The set below are from the now annual Christmas Bus painting and BBQ family day at Port Botany STA depot. Here is how the process works:

CFY artists wrap the bus with a unique white sign vinyl product, trimming around lights and handles which are then masked with tape.

The design is roughed in with pencil, and blocks of colour designated, so that a large group, including many young children, can see where the different colours go. Here you see some of the parents helping out with getting the mural started with acrylic paint and brushe
s, however the system can also be used with aerosol media just as effectively.

When the design is completed the vehicle artwork receives a quick tidy up by the mentor artist and then it is time for a coat of heavy duty clear anti graffiti protective coating. Besides creating a great glossy finish which can handle many washes and is easily cleaned of tags and road grime the clear coat guarantees months or even years (As in the case of the original STA beach and indigenous theme youth art buses, which have been in service and looking great for around 3 years!), its pretty nasty stuff however, not a job for the participants!

After the coating is brushed and rolled on and allowed to dry over night, the vehicle has its masking tape removed and it’s time to hit the road! Using the vinyl system and allowing the vehicle to become a canvas for a unique artwork is also a great way to increase the leverage of your promotional budget. Wrapping, painting and sealing an entire bus as a group art project costs about the same as installing only a couple of square meters of conventional adhesive digital sign print. The vehicle art system is in line with all RTA regulations, does not impair the function of the vehicle in any way and when no longer required the mobile mural can be peeled off to reveal an undamaged paint job underneath.

CFY vs. The CEO’s…

On the topic of unique projects and services, for a number of years now CFY Illawarra has supplied top street artists to run workshops and teambuilding activities for Hidden Door, Sydney’s premier boutique corporate team building and experience agency.

The Hidden Door team specializes in delivering innovative services for a large range of corporate clientele, and one of their most popular programmes is the graffiti activity, which has in recent months also been combined with one of Sydney’s most amazing venues at Cockatoo Island. The sessions are awesome fun, and the novelty of watching what a bunch of senior management suits actually do when they get their hands on spray paint is hilarious, and every group leaves stoked and wanting to paint more. Check out the awesome location in which participants get to work in the traditional manner of a graffiti crew to design a team artwork, and then execute it on a removable canvas ‘wall’ which they then get to keep. Below are a set of works and action pics of previous projects, set amongst the incredible backdrops at Cockatoo Island and also on location at a number of other great sites across Sydney (Exclusive access to the some of the best 5 - Star roof tops in the city!). The CFY Illawarra crew are having a ball creating these works with some of the biggest corporations in town, to find out more or see some of the other rad experiences Hidden Door have to offer go to